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Searchlight (Official Music Video) feat. American Sign Language

Brothers, Jeremy Willet, Justin Willet, & Jordan Willet that make up the Christian rock band, Willet, have released the 1st single, “Searchlight” from the long-awaited full length album, “Searchlight” coming 8.26.14, a follow-up to “The Love on the outside E.P.” produced by Aaron Gillespie (2012). The video was filmed at a local retreat center / camp where the band has led worship at over the past 3 years. The band invited the deaf community to be included in the video shoot to share an expression of worship not normally noticed by the Church. The video includes the band performing the song while friends worship using their voices and American Sign Language.

Willet held an advanced screening and 3-song acoustic performance at a local coffeeshop in their hometown of Westminster, MD on release night before the video was made available online. The new album, “Searchlight” is a “Community Worship Album” with songs written specifically for the Church to sing together to worship Jesus and encourage each other to fulfill His mission here on earth. The band’s vision for the video, song, and new album is to “inspire the next generation of worship and missions”.

Below is a timeline of the release of the album:

4.15.14 – “Searchlight” (Single) Official Music Video Release
5.27.14 – FREE 3 Song “Searchlight E.P.” Release on
 6.23-7.6.14 – “Searchlight World Tour” to Thailand & India
8.26.14 – “Searchlight” Full Length Album release
8.26.14 – 11.15.14 – “Searchlight North America Tour”


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100,000 Meal Packing Event & Acoustic Worship 5/4/14

Join us on 5/4/14 to pack 100,000 meals towards our 1 Million Meal Goal and for acoustic worship by the band! Click the poster to RSVP on Facebook


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s e a r c h l i g h t VIDEO PREMIERE 4.15.14

s e a r c h l i g h t VIDEO PREMIERE
Tuesday, April 15th 2014

Advanced Screening & 3 song acoustic performance @

The Cup
7 E Main St
Westminster, MD 21157
7pm-8:30pm Free

Nationwide Music Video Premiere @ @ 8pm EST



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“Searchlight” coming 8.26.14

“Searchlight” coming 8.26.14

Announcing Brand new Full Length Album Coming 8.26.14, music video, E.P., World Tour & North America Tour Timeline! 

We have been busy building our own recording studio in Maryland in between shows this winter, and are happy to say that the construction is complete and recording has begun! Since the release of “The Love on the outside E.P.” in 2012, we have been anticipating the release of a full-length album to follow it up. Over 65 songs have been written for this new album, hundreds of demos recorded, and we are finally in the phase of narrowing the song selection down to the 10 best! The album is a “Community Worship Album” with songs written specifically for the Church to sing together to worship Jesus and encourage each other to fulfill His mission here on earth. Below is a timeline of the release of our new album, starting with the 1st single coming next month!



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1.28.14 Booking for Spring & 20% off coupon

We are busy finishing up the writing for our new Full Length Album! In June, we are headed to India & Thailand to lead worship and share the Gospel. Before we travel, we will be recording our new album in the Spring, and we are looking forward to leading worship in the U.S.

Below is our schedule showing upcoming shows, as well as dates that we are available. Booking the band is simple:
1. Email & get a response from a member of the band (not a scary booking agent)
2. Confirm date and event style (Acoustic Set: $500 / Full Band Set: $1,000 includes full sound system & LED lights) 
3. Mention this blog, and get 20% off of the booking fee!
4. Sign a “memo-of-understanding” & provide a deposit through our mission-sending organization, NMSI. 
5. Band comes to your town!
It’s that easy. Take a look below and we look forward to seeing you in your city this year!
2 – Key West Bike Ride (Jeremy Solo Acoustic Worship)
3- Key West Bike Ride (Jeremy Solo Acoustic Worship)
4 – Key West Bike Ride (Jeremy Solo Acoustic Worship)
5- Key West Bike Ride (Jeremy Solo Acoustic Worship)
6- Key West Bike Ride (Jeremy Solo Acoustic Worship)
7- Manchester, MD River Valley Ranch (Registration Required)
8- Manchester, MD River Valley Ranch (Registration Required)
9- Manchester, MD River Valley Ranch  (Registration Required)
11 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
12 – Frederick, MD - Grace Community Church 7pm Free
13 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
14 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
15 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
16 - Catonsville, MD – Catonsville UMC 9:30am Free 
18 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
19 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
20 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
22- Fairfield, PA - (Jeremy Solo Acoustic House Worship Night) 
23 – Union Bridge, MD - UBC Church 6pm Free
25 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
26 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
27 - AVAILABLE  contact us:
28 - Eldersburg, MD- Faith Lutheran Church 
29 – Union Bridge, MD - UBC Church (Jeremy Solo Acoustic Worship) 9:30am
1 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
2 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
3 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 

4- Williamstown, NJ (Youth Conference – Registration Required)

5 - Hackettstown, NJ
6 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
8- Ashton, MD
9 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
10 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
11 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
12 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
13 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
15 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
16 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
17 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
18 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
19 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
20 - York, PA – Action Church 
22 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
23 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
24 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
25 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
26 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
27 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
28 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
29 - AVAILABLE  contact us: 
30 - AVAILABLE  contact us:
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1.27.14 Photo tour of our studio/ministry offices

As many of you know, we are the process of writing our full-length album as a follow-up to the Love on the outside E.P. (produced by Aaron Gillespie) in 2012. In addition to weekly writing sessions, we are also building out our own recording studio to track the album on our own! Some of the recording gear is coming in this week!

These photos show our ministry office, our merchandise storage, equipment storage and rehearsal studio before the recording additions.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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1.22.14 Day-in-the-life of: Jordan Willet

Today we’re wrapping up our behind-the-scenes blog series about “A Day-in-the-life” of each Willet brother & band member. Here are the links to Jeremy Willet’s  and  Justin Willet’s day-in-the-life blogs.
Up today, we have Drummer/Keyboardist/Programmer, Jordan Willet and what a normal day off the road looks like for him. Enjoy!
A DAY-IN-THE-LIFE OF Drummer, Keyboards, & Programmer, Jordan WILLET
8:01-8:29ish am – Wake Up. On a good day it takes about 2 alarms to finally get up.
8:34am – Pray with my wife Jillian and do a little iPhone devotional.
8:48am - Maybe I’ll eat a little breakfeast of cereal or fruit.
8:59am- Head over to the studio to continue writing the new Willet album!
12:01noon - Lunch! It’s pretty much my second favorite time of day.
12:32pm - Jeremy’s son takes a nap so we can’t play Rock & Roll. So I use this time to work in my office on upcoming videos, Search Craigslist for cheap gear, Repair gear from the last set of shows and make sure everthing is ready to go for the next tour. Also I’ll use this time to program keyboard sounds and drum loops in Logic Pro X.
2:03pm – Head back in the Studio and Jam with the bros.
5:07pm – Now its almost dinner time. So I’ll see if my wife needs any help prepairing food or setting the table.

5:32pm – Then we eat!

6:11pm - Clean up from dinner

6:33pm – Around this time Jillian and I hang out and do some of our favorite activities. Like drawing, go thrifting or antiquing, Playing with our puppy, Shire or Repurpose some things from around the house into new creations.
7:43pm – Jillian and I love hanging out with friends and meeting new people. So you might see us out in town. Either Westminster, Towson, Downtown Baltimore or even Lancaster hanging with our good friends. Going to the movies, out to eat, visiting local coffee/tea shops Etc.

10:22pm – If we’re home we’ll usually start a movie around this time. Most likely “Lord Of The Rings.”

12:20-2:13am- Somewhere around here we normally find ourselves crawing into bed with Shire. We normally try to do another devotional together and spend time in prayer.

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1.21.14 Day-in-the-life of: Justin Willet

Last week, we started a blog series called “A Day-in-the-life of” to give you a glimpse behind-the-scenes of each brother in Willet. We started with giving you a day-in-the-life of  lead singer, Jeremy Willet.  

This week, we turn to lead guitarist, Justin Willet! This is what a normal day schedule looks like for an “off-tour” day at our homes/ministry offices in Westminster, MD.

Processed with VSCOcam with x1 preset


7:30am: Alarm goes off
7:50am: I actually brave the cold and get up
8:00am: Feed the 3 dogs (my brother (Jordan) and sister-in-law are living with us so we have our 2 dogs (husky & malamute) as well as their dog to let out and feed in the morning)
8:10am: Pack lunch for my wife (I make a mean turkey sandwich)
8:15am: Tend to the wood-stove
8:20am: Sit next to the fire with a cup of coffee and eat some cereal, oatmeal or eggs for breakfast
8:35am: Read a devotional or “verse of the day”
8:50am: Read through tweets, instagram and facebook posts from the day before
9:00am: In my home office responding to emails and  “geeking” working on graphic/web design or editing photos.
12:00pm: Break for lunch (typically a salad or sandwich) and check on the wood-stove
12:30pm: Back in the office for the afternoon. (This is typically where the 2nd cup of coffee or tea comes in)
3:30pm: Play guitar (sometimes writing songs, writing hooks for songs we’re working on or learning new techniques) I go through phases of playing where I’ll get really into finger picking techniques and then a couple months later I’ll be working on sweep picking and drop tunings. Have to switch it up to keep it interesting
4:00pm: Cut, split or stack wood
5:00pm: Workout (typically strength training in my home gym or some kind of cardio)
5:40pm: Shower
5:50pm: Feed the dogs (we have a Malamute named Neeko who would eat nonstop if we allowed him so we have to monitor meal time to make sure he doesn’t eat all the other dogs’ food)
6:00pm: We love to entertain/host others so most evenings we’re having a couple or 2 over for dinner or hosting a game night. Other nights we’ll eat as a household with Jordan and his wife.
7:00pm: Do a devotional with my wife. Currently reading through the “Living with Integrity Series” by Jim Daly on the bible iPhone app. (we also use this time to listen/watch sermons from our local church that we may have been away for)
7:45pm: My wife and I are both very crafty so most evenings are spent working on some kind of project around the house, taking pictures or making gifts for others.
9:00pm: We try to avoid watching much TV so we end up playing a lot of board games like Ticket to Ride, 7 Wonders & Settlers of Catan or reading.
10:00pm: Watch a tv show (Parenthood, criminal minds or the blacklist)
10:30-11:00pm: Put the dogs to bed and stock the wood-stove for the night
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1.16.14 Day-in-the-life of: Jeremy Willet

Over the next few weeks, we are going to let you into the lives of the three brothers that make up the band, Willet. We will be focusing on what a normal day schedule looks like for an “off-tour” day at our homes/ministry offices in Westminster, MD. Enjoy! 

311153_10151542907658289_643181340_nA DAY-IN-THE-LIFE OF LEAD SINGER, JEREMY WILLET

6:00am – wake up to iPhone alarm 

6:05am – Brew dark roast coffee from my favorite local coffeeshop, Furnace Hills Coffee that uses fair-trade methods, grows organic beans, and employs workers with special needs! 

6:10am - Quiet time with The Lord. I typically spend time in the following: One-year reading plan for NLT Bible, “Practicing the Presence of God” or a spiritual discipline-style book, Bible Study in ESV Study Bible & journal/pray about upcoming day, friends/family, and ministry opportunities 

7:00am - Go to Willet Ministry offices (located in my basement next to Willet’s studio) to answer emails and make daily to-do list. This is also when I schedule a few social media posts for the band. There is no heat in this office, so I’m typically sitting right next to a little heater. Also…a little mouse just ran up the wall (not a daily occurrence). 

8:00am - Drink fresh juice or fruit smoothie with my wife and son and pray for our day. In the winter, I also use this time to gather wood for our woodstove, feed our chickens, and gather eggs. 

8:30am - Back to ministry office for a few more emails, fill out booking contracts and advance upcoming shows

9:00am- songwriting with my brothers for new Willet album 

12:00noon - Break for lunch with my wife and son 

12:30pm - Our son takes an afternoon nap, so I use this time to go back to the office. In addition to touring with the band full-time, I also serve as the Worship & Community Development Coordinator for New Mission Systems International, so I use the early afternoon to schedule “House Worship Nights”, coordinate communications with donors, set up mission projects, and collaborate with staff at NMSI in Fort Myers, FL. 

2:00pm – Coffee & return to studio to write with Justin & Jordan

5:00pm – Play with my son while my wife makes dinner. We read the “Jesus Storybook Bible” together and then practice some soccer (he’s 17 months old, so that involves me kicking it to him and then chasing the ball around the house). 

5:30pm – Eat dinner with my family. My wife is an amazing homemaker, constantly striving to grow, purchase and create healthy meals for us. Our food is typically from our backyard garden, a local CSA, grass-fed/local beef, or natural/organic foods from the grocery store. 

6:15pm - Help clean up from dinner and play with our son

7:00pm – Bath/Bedtime for our son. We read some books together and pray before bedtime.

7:30pm – I’m training for a 300 Mile Cycling Event to raise money for youth ministry in Thailand called The Key West Bike Rideso 3x a week, I cycle 20-40 miles (outdoors on road bike when weather permits, or indoors on an indoor trainer)

9:00pm – Reading. Currently, my wife and I are preparing for our missionary training with NMSI, so we are reading “When Helping Hurts” in preparation for orientation in Fort Myers, FL in February. 

10:00pm – Adoption Paperwork or Hobby Time. We just returned home with our son from Ghana, so we are working through some post-placement & naturalization paperwork, while also adopting a 2nd child from Ethiopia, Africa. I recently started a hobby of making my own soy candles, so some nights I do another batch of candles in mason jars while my wife sews. Other nights, we’ll catch an episode of “West Wing” or “Madmen”. 

11:00pm - Bed 




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1.15.14 Meal Packing Events w/ Acoustic Worship by Willet

As many of you know, in 2012, we set a goal to mobilize one million meals to hungry children through a strategic school-feeding program with our partner, Stop Hunger Now. So far, Willet fans have funded, packed and shipped 470,000 meals! Already in 2014, we have an additional 120,000 meals funded! Praise God! As we continue our vision to serve unreached people globally with our mission-sending organization, NMSI, we are looking for Churches to partner with us in hosting 10,000 Meal Packing Event / Worship Nights! These events are open to the whole family and we supply the acoustic worship, meal packing supplies, food, promotional tools and event facilitator! An evening looks like this: 

Acoustic Worship by Willet (45 minutes)
Meal Packing Instructions (15 minutes)
Meal Packing (1.5 hours) 

Schedule your date today be emailing or calling the Willet Ministry Offices!


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