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“Searchlight Album Review Team”


Willet’s new album was written as a “Community Worship Album” touching on themes not typically discussed in congregational settings (see The writing process included a Multi-Denominational Pastoral Panel to review the lyrical content for theological accuracy. The band desires to carry a similar Church-involvement even through the album’s release, and is therefore calling on ministry leaders (pastors, youth pastors, worship pastors, lay leaders, camp counselors, missions directors, non-profit directors, etc) to review the new album “Searchlight” before the release in exchange for a FREE advanced digital copy of the album, and FREE autographed physical copy around release date on 8.26.14. Instead of only relying on magazines, media, and industry press, the purpose of these reviews is to provide honest feedback to the Global Church community about the new music directly from trusted ministry leaders. What songs would be good for congregational use? What songs are a prophetic word to the Global Church? How can these songs be used to reach the nations for Jesus? In addition, Willet is working to mobilize 1 Million Meals for Hungry Children! Every $1 Spent on Willet Merchandise (online & at live concerts) = 1 Nutritious Meal for “Stop Hunger Now’s” School Feeding Program in 65 Countries Worldwide! So far, the band has already funded, packed and shipped over 640,000 meals!

To complete a quick form to be considered for this team, please click here:

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Westminster, MD “Searchlight CD Release” show @ Barnstorm Festival 2014

Since we just finished the recording for our full length album, “Searchlight”, we began having discussions as a band about our CD Release Show. The album officially comes out on 8.26.14 with a Midwest CD Release Performance @ Lifelight Festival in South Dakota on August 30th. In addition to our midwest CD Release Performance, we also wanted to celebrate with our friends back home in Westminster, MD…the town we have grown up in our whole lives.

Sometimes God has a very interesting way of orchestrating His plans, because as we were praying for a venue for our local CD Release Show, we were approached by a good friend, Monte Leister, about performing at BARNSTORM 2014 @ Baughers Orchard in Westminster, MD. We can’t begin to tell you how big of a deal this is. Barnstorm is not just another Christian Music Festival… Barnstorm was started by our family years ago…by our Uncle and Aunt specifically, following a major tornado that ripped our family farm to pieces.

Poster 85x11


Below is a timeline that led up to the events of Barnstorm, and the many ministry events that took place after the tornado (including some very rare photos of us when we were very young and awkward.) Unfortunately, our Uncle Jim was taken home to be with The Lord after a battle with cancer. We’ll never forget his words at the Barnstorm event after the tornado:

“There’s a good force in this world, and there’s a great evil force. It [the tornado] kind of told us that Satan was trying to ruin our party….but he didn’t.” 

Our Uncle Jim was right. Satan didn’t ruin the party…and on 9/20/14, the party continues @ Barnstorm 2014. See you there.

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Download 3 FREE songs from “Searchlight”

Today, we are releasing 3 songs for FREE from the “Searchlight” Full Length Album that is coming on 8.26.14. Tracks include “Empty Grave”, “Searchlight” and “Did you mean what you said?”.

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Lyrical Themes on the new S E A R C H L I G H T album coming 8.26.14

Hey Willet friends!
Jeremy here. I wanted to share some thoughts about our new album #willetsearchlight coming 8.26.14.
As a follower of Jesus for over 20 years, I have had opportunities to lead worship in a different denominational setting every week, as well as opportunities in different countries around the world over the past few years. Because of this, I have been left with a fair amount of questions, observations, and thoughts regarding what it truly means to follow Christ in a world of materialism & consumerism while 2/3 of our world lives in poverty. These questions have led me down quite a road recently, some of which resulted in “dead-ends” being told that I can’t ask those questions because I’m in “public ministry”. So…I did what any musician would do…I asked my questions in the form of an album.


We wanted to write a “community worship album”…songs that could be sung together as a Church. At the same time, I wanted to stretch the limits a bit and write about things not normally discussed in congregational settings. We didn’t write for a record label, a producer or radio…we wrote for THE CHURCH.
The new album includes lyrical themes of:
• Miracles
• Healings
• Speaking in tongues
• Prophecy
• Signs & Wonders 
• Predestination & Free-will 
• Salvation 
• Simplicity 
• Depression 
• Grace 
• Adoption 
• Poverty 
• Global Missions 
Because of the deep spiritual content on this new album, we pursued a multi-denominational panel of pastors to review all of the lyrics for theological accuracy. This has created great freedom for me to write from my heart, while also knowing that I will have the spiritual counsel and oversight of trusted friends and pastors in the ministry.
On 5.23.14, we will be releasing 3 songs from the album for FREE on our website. I encourage you to download them to get a taste of the new songs, and I pray that these songs encourage you in your walk with Jesus, but also challenge you to build His kingdom on earth today.
For the least of these,
Jeremy Willet



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PRINTABLE FLYER FOR 5.23.14 “Searchlight E.P.” Listening Party @ Chick-fil-a

ANNOUNCING FREE “#willetsearchlight 3-Song E.P.” DOWNLOAD RELEASE on 5.23.14

w/ Listening Party @
Westminster, MD

Print this flyer & present when ordering & Chickfila will donate 15% towards our ministry to unreached people w/ New Mission Systems International!





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70,000+ Willet Songs Downloaded funding 2,318 Meals!

The #’s are in. Ready for this? In 24 hours, 70,000+ Willet songs were downloaded for free with all “tips” going towards meals for hungry children. Willet fans funded 2,318 nutritious meals towards our 1 Million Meal Goal w/ Stop Hunger Now in response to the South Sudan crisis! Thank you for being Jesus! 

If you missed the 24-hour campaign, and would like to make a donation towards our 1 Million Meal Goal, simply click this link and type “Million Meal Fund” in the notes section: 


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TODAY ONLY: FREE DOWNLOAD OF “Complete Willet Discography (2007-2012) in response to South Sudan Crisis


Click to download

Dear Willet friends, supporters, and fans,

Lead singer, Jeremy Willet here. As many of you know, we are busy in the studio finishing up the new Willet “Searchlight” Full Length Album set to be released on August 26th, 2014. If you have walked with our ministry over the past few years, you know that our band desires to worship God with more than a song. This is why we have affiliated with a mission-sending organization (New Mission Systems International), advocated on behalf of child sponsorship (Food for the Hungry), traveled to the poorest regions of the world to share The Gospel, and have established a million meal school-feeding program initiative with our partner, Stop Hunger Now. It was in 2012 when we announced our 1 Million Meal School Feeding Program Goal in response to the East Africa Famine. Since then, our meal packing events have expanded to impact school feeding programs in over 20 countries around the world! On April 30th of this year, we packaged the 500,000th meal in our hometown of Westminster, MD! 1/2 WAY THERE! Praise God!

I would like to call a “time-out” from all the hype surrounding our new album, the recording process, upcoming world tour, and music video release to draw attention to a humanitarian crisis happening RIGHT NOW in South Sudan!

After years of violence with Northern Sudan, The Republic of South Sudan became the world’s 193rd country on July 9, 2011. Unfortunately, a political decision late last year resulted in an outbreak of violence, causing over 1 million people to be displaced from their homes. With the increase in population, increased violence, and poor agriculture, The UN is reporting that over 50,000 CHILDREN COULD DIE from this food-shortage, soon to become a “famine”, if there is no response.

I’ll let that sink in for a moment.

50,000 children.

Our partner, Stop Hunger Now already has established contacts on the ground and Willet Meal Packings have already begun to respond to this crisis on 4/26/14 by packing and shipping 10,000 meals! Watch this video about Stop Hunger Now’s involvement with holistic community development in South Sudan: 

Children in South Sudan receiving meals from our partner, Stop Hunger Now.

Children in South Sudan receiving meals from our partner, Stop Hunger Now.

As we continue our 1 Million Meal Goal, we are asking Willet fans to stop and pray in Jesus’ name for the people of South Sudan. In the Bible, we know that Jesus is the ” LIGHT of the world” (John 9:5), but in Matthew 5:14-16, we read “YOU are the light of the world”! The torch has been passed to us! In the dictionary, it says that “darkness is the absence of light”. In John 1:14, The Bible says that “the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.” The LIGHT for a dark world is present amongst us today. It is our responsibility to be a light in dark situations…a “searchlight” if you will. This is worship unto Jesus.

Therefore, as a band, we have decided to give away EVERY WILLET SONG EVER (2007-2012 releases) for ONE DAY ONLY (today) to raise awareness about this crisis. We are encouraging fans to “tip” an amount of your choosing for the download, and when you do, your donation will go towards our 1 Million Meal Goal! Every $1 = 4 nutritious meals! Imagine what The Lord could do if every Willet fan on our email list (over 10,000 subscribers) gave a few dollars?

Click to download and leave a "tip" to support our ONE MILLION MEAL SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAM PROGRAM

Click to download and leave a “tip” to support our              ONE MILLION MEAL SCHOOL FEEDING PROGRAM



With an expecting heart,

Jeremy Willet, Lead singer of Willet

willet & nmsi footer

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Searchlight (Official Music Video) feat. American Sign Language

Brothers, Jeremy Willet, Justin Willet, & Jordan Willet that make up the Christian rock band, Willet, have released the 1st single, “Searchlight” from the long-awaited full length album, “Searchlight” coming 8.26.14, a follow-up to “The Love on the outside E.P.” produced by Aaron Gillespie (2012). The video was filmed at a local retreat center / camp where the band has led worship at over the past 3 years. The band invited the deaf community to be included in the video shoot to share an expression of worship not normally noticed by the Church. The video includes the band performing the song while friends worship using their voices and American Sign Language.

Willet held an advanced screening and 3-song acoustic performance at a local coffeeshop in their hometown of Westminster, MD on release night before the video was made available online. The new album, “Searchlight” is a “Community Worship Album” with songs written specifically for the Church to sing together to worship Jesus and encourage each other to fulfill His mission here on earth. The band’s vision for the video, song, and new album is to “inspire the next generation of worship and missions”.

Below is a timeline of the release of the album:

4.15.14 – “Searchlight” (Single) Official Music Video Release
5.27.14 – FREE 3 Song “Searchlight E.P.” Release on
 6.23-7.6.14 – “Searchlight World Tour” to Thailand & India
8.26.14 – “Searchlight” Full Length Album release
8.26.14 – 11.15.14 – “Searchlight North America Tour”


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100,000 Meal Packing Event & Acoustic Worship 5/4/14

Join us on 5/4/14 to pack 100,000 meals towards our 1 Million Meal Goal and for acoustic worship by the band! Click the poster to RSVP on Facebook


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s e a r c h l i g h t VIDEO PREMIERE 4.15.14

s e a r c h l i g h t VIDEO PREMIERE
Tuesday, April 15th 2014

Advanced Screening & 3 song acoustic performance @

The Cup
7 E Main St
Westminster, MD 21157
7pm-8:30pm Free

Nationwide Music Video Premiere @ @ 8pm EST



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